eMaps digital healthcare knowledge hub expands to launch Germany MedTech content.

Support for life science innovators in healthcare is available in the form of eMaps, a digital platform that guides SMEs and innovators through the complex path to market access. Following the launch of UK modules and the USA MedTech modules, the launch of eMaps MedTech Germany will help SMEs and innovators with regulatory approval, navigating reimbursement systems and adoption in key healthcare markets across Germany. Modules for other markets in Europe and beyond will follow soon.

eMaps differentiates itself from the competition in providing engaging video and interactive content from subject matter experts on best practice to achieving the most cost-effective route to market. This includes testimony from established SMEs and innovators that share learnings from negative experiences and critical success factors from their own journeys. The rich array of content also supports SMEs in healthcare to understand key market access barriers and how they can mitigate and overcome these where possible.


Pathways to adoption

The platform provides complete pathway to adoption information for innovators navigating Digital Health, Med Tech and Diagnostics, and Drugs and Biotech markets.

eMaps delivers a training-based experience to help you understand market entry into healthcare and plan for the challenges ahead, achieving market readiness in the area of healthcare. It will save time, effort and cost in developing and implementing your company’s market access strategy.

eMaps has modules currently available for the UK, USA and now Germany but modules are being finalised for accessing healthcare markets across Europe such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark.


Who developed eMaps

The eMaps platform was developed by the Oxford Academic Health Science Network(AHSN), an NHS organisation in England that provides support for SMEs in healthcare and life science innovators with clinical innovation adoption and market access in healthcare. A consortium of expert partners from key healthcare markets across Europe and the USA was formed by the Oxford AHSN to develop a digital healthcare knowledge hub. This platform was designed as a suite of online modules to support SMEs and innovators navigate the complexities around accessing healthcare markets.


What are innovators saying about eMaps

Early feedback from users on the eMaps platform shows the positive impact it has already had on SMEs accessing healthcare markets in the UK and the market entry support it offers for innovators.

’I found the content to be invaluable in understanding market access barriers and envisage it will save a huge amount of time navigating the UK healthcare market structure and pathways to market access’

Farooq Khan

Research Scientist & Product Architect

Oxford University Innovation


“I found eMaps to be well structured and extremely useful in understanding the UK health market access systems and in particular the modules on pathways to reimbursement in healthcare and procurement, where it demystifies the market access process.”

Gurdeep Manu

Clinical research fellow and academic clinical lecturer in general surgery

Nufield Department of Population Health


Further information

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