Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nurenberg using eMaps UK, USA and Germany MedTech bulk subscription for Central Institute for Medical Engineering’s MDR Program

The Oxford AHSN was invited by Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nurenberg to present at the Medical Devices Law and Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Seminar on 16th December. This online Seminar was delivered by James Rose (Head of Innovation at Oxford AHSN) and Jaz Bance (Digital Product Manager) and was integral to the Certified Medical Device Regulation course, based on the process that must be passed through in order to bring medical devices to market. Some of the areas covered in the ‘Navigating market access challenges for Med Tech’ session were

The role of the AHSNs and where we work in the system

Trends in global healthcare

Emerging healthcare solutions during pandemic

The harmonisation of regulatory processes across the EU

Variations in Regulations for Med Tech & Digital in Europe

Regulations for Med Tech & Digital in the US

Reimbursement in the EU and teh US

Variations in assessments of Med Tech and Digital products

Variations in adoption of Digital innovations

eMaps platform demonstration


The program was attended by existing employees and newcomers to the medical device industry and students on the master’s program in Medical Engineering. This event also provided an opportunity to make participants aware of the additional information available for support on the eMaps  platform. The University’s Central Institute for Medical Engineering also purchased eMaps UK, USA and German MedTech subscriptions for the students on the MDR program. See the promotional video and further information on eMaps at