Healthcare in Europe

The Finance and Reimbursement systems of 11 European countries – comparison of healthcare


Healthcare systems differ in their design, in the amounts and types of resources they use, and in the health outcomes and other results they attain. But healthcare policymakers share common goals and can learn from each other’s experiences as to what works, and what does not, when making changes to healthcare systems intended to improve performance.
The finance and reimbursement of healthcare can be arranged in almost as many ways as there are industrialized countries. This study is a survey of the finance and reimbursement systems of healthcare in 11 European countries. Each country description consists of:

• Section 1. Introduction: government responsibility for the healthcare system.
• Section 2. Finance system: how healthcare is financed and delivered.
• Section 3. Benefit package and co-payments.
• Section 4. Pharmaceutical: regulation
• Section 5. Primary care and hospitals: the structure and finance of subsystems including
healthcare professionals.
• Section 6. Recent developments: a description of recent developments in the healthcare sector.

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