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Biotech – UK


Biotech – UK Module Overview

Area of Interest: Biotech
Country of Interest: UK

The UK biotech market for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals is undergoing constant change and the strategic market opportunities are not always obvious to smaller biotech companies with small market access teams. Recognising the need to provide structured information around the pathways through regulatory approval, reimbursement and adoption we have developed a comprehensive module for Biotech products in the UK. This module will be valuable not only for those approaching market but also for those developing products, helping innovators understand the potential challenges and future risks around reimbursement and adoption of their products.

About the Biotech UK module

The Biotech UK market module includes insight from subject matter experts, a range of resources, interactive content. Pathways are broken down into components which support you and your organisation to understand who you need to engage with what information and at what point in your pathway to market.

This module provides an up to date and constantly evolving description of the environment, structures, processes and news relating to Pricing, Reimbursement and Policy in the UK. This focuses in on three core areas:

  1. Regulation – In addition to the core regulatory responsibilities for marketing pharmaceutical products in the UK, this chapter picks up on the national and centralised processes, pharmacovigilance requirements and key requirements around advanced therapeutic medicinal products, orphan drugs and paediatric products.
  2. Reimbursement – Looking at the critical path to market, this chapter looks at the key players in Health Technology Assessment, pricing, decision making in commissioning, procurement systems, and walks through some of the more innovative reimbursement and adoption mechanisms in play currently in the UK (e.g. Early Access to Medicines Scheme)
  3. Market Size and Structure – Helping you appreciate the size and structure of the market, the organisations you are likely to encounter at what point, and where the most appropriate system levers are for your product.

We are confident that if you are developing a new product and thinking about market access in the UK, then this eMAPs module will be of value, bringing all the necessary key information together in one place on one platform.

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  3. Healthcare in Europe 2019 by Yvonne von Kemenade
  4. Information about relevant news, networks and events
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