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Digital Health – UK


Digital Health – UK Module Overview

Area of Interest: Digital Health
Country of Interest: UK

The UK Digital Health market has a major part to play in meeting the challenges that healthcare systems are facing. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the Global Digital Health market is estimated to grow by 11.8% between 2018-2023; With this in mind, there is no doubt that there are continuing opportunities for digital innovative solutions that will contribute to reshape the future, making healthcare more efficient and accessible.

The UK digital health market is attractive and has received substantial investment to capitalise on this potential. In the UK Digital module, you will gain insight into how the UK digital market is developing to enable more effective capitalisation on digital innovation. The module keeps you up to date on the developments in market structures, such as digital hubs, and public sector policies being put into place on assessing digital products, providing you with an opportunity to consider how to interact with this market.

About the Digital Health UK module

The Digital Health UK module includes learning content from subject matter experts, resources, interactive content and interviews with SMEs who have successfully market launched. Each component gives a list of some key and very useful references for further reading, as well as contact details for key organisations.

The module is made of core chapters looking at: market size and structure, regulations and compliance, reimbursement, procurement and commissioning and an interactive tool designed to help innovators understand strengths and weaknesses and assess your market readiness ahead of planning and launching your market access strategy. The content is subject to regular review and updates, taking into consideration the evolving UK market access landscape and current challenges.

  • The market size and structure chapter will provide UK Digital Market breakdown and information relating to healthcare in the UK, organisations and Structures in the NHS, and understanding of NHS Digital Policies and Strategy.
  • The regulations and compliance chapter will increase your knowledge and awareness of digital health regulations in the UK (considering the impact of the Medical Device Regulation), information governance and data management (particularly in light of GDPR), interoperability and NHS digital platforms and clinical testing of digital technology.
  • Finally, the reimbursement chapter will assist you in navigating the different pathways and complexities of activities in the NHS such as commissioning, procurement and tenders; The role of NICE in UK reimbursement with regards to digital healthcare and tariffs, healthcare resourcing groups and coding will also be explained.

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